"I want my photographs to leave memories in people's lives, to tell stories and awaken feelings."

Carla's passion for photography began when she was 12-years old, when she started to photograph animals, and her friends, using just a cheap little film camera. She carried her camera with her everywhere, everything was an opportunity for her to convert it into a memory. 

Today, Carla's background in photojournalism, fine art, and graphic design, allows her to bring a genuine artistic flair to her work. She strives to create visual documents, which serve to humanize the important events in life, capturing real feelings and moments in a dramatic manner, while allowing her subjects to feel comfortable.

Although Carla lives and does most of her work in Los Angeles, California, she enjoys traveling and welcomes the opportunity to take on assignments almost anywhere in the world. 


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My son and I - Provence, France 

My son and I - Provence, France